About Us

The Business Aid Centre is a highly confidential research and publishing association which is not a member of any Australian government agency. We have our own individual team that works day and night to make competitive researches for finding the right information for business owners who lack finance and want to establish their businesses. We give authentic advice about free business funding for helping small businesses grow. Our financial assistance advice centre has helped many entrepreneurs in finding the right government grants program and now they operate their businesses successfully.

Our database is regularly updated with information about different government funding programs in Australia to help business owners find the best solutions in the quickest manner.

The internal researchers at Business Aid Centre constantly track different government funding programs in Australia and shortlist the most appropriate ones. The lists of Australian government funding programs are made according to the entrepreneurs’ criteria and the current circumstances of the country.

We have a qualified team of professionals who have vast experience in conducting research on the same theme and our staff are always ready to attend your phone calls and assist you with your queries.